How long does it take to complete my order?

It all depends on the package size, likes are super fast but followers can in some cases take up to 48 hours if its more then 5000 followers.

I would like to order 25,000 followers and likes. Will you offer a discount?

Yes, we will! Feel free to contact us for more details.

What if it doesn’t work for me? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Not to worry. Customer satisfaction always comes first to us. If we don’t deliver the committed number of followers/likes or if you are not satisfied with our services, feel free to request a money back ticket within 30 days of ordering our services. If your order hasn’t started within 72 hours, we offer 100% money back.

Contact us for a request and we get back to you within max 24 hours.

Will my account get banned or deleted if I purchase your followers and likes?

Absolutely not! You are 100% safe with us, that’s a guarantee. We offer only real-looking followers and likes. We’ve offered more than 17 million followers and likes to over 16,000 customers in the past few months, and have never heard of any account being banned or deleted after using our service.

If a few days have passed since the placement of my order and I am not receiving any followers or likes yet what can I do?

Go to your account and verify that the settings are not on private. If your account is set to private it will not receive followers. Once you have changed it contact us via email, and if your account is not set to private and you are still not receiving followers be sure to contact us so we can remedy the situation as soon as possible.